‘Healing ourselves, Healing our World’

Capacitar Ireland Association

‘A network of empowerment & solidarity’

Dr. Pat Cane PhD

Capacitar's Vision

Capacitar’s Vision is healing ourselves, healing our world.
Capacitar, a spanish word means to empower, to encourage, to bring each other to life.
Capacitar International is an organisation founded by Dr. Patricia Mathes Cane, working in over 45 countries worldwide.
Capacitar Ireland Association plays an active part in this international network of empowerment and solidarity.
Capacitar teaches simple practices of healing, team building and self-development to awaken people to their own source of strength and wisdom so they can reach out to heal injustice, work for peace and transform themselves, their families and communities.

our vision

Capacitar Ireland Association

Capacitar Ireland Association is an organisation which aims to promote wellbeing among individuals, groups and communities.
We do this through Capacitar body, mind and spirit practices which improve overall quality of life